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5 top Benefits of financial Planning !

Better clarity

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87% of Individuals have no plan for their critical life events like retirement, kid's education etc.

Risk management

with protection plan

Only 4% of indians have sufficient emergency plan to meet unexpected expenses & loss

Maximum returns

from investments

Most of Investors don't optimise their investments, as per the desired risk profile

Highest tax savings

with Maximum Returns

93% of salaried guys have wrong asset allocation when it comes to choosing tax saving schemes

Regular advice

by personal advisor

Most of Indians have no access to independent financial advice, for maximum benefits

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  • Financial risk profiling
  • Asset allocation
  • Net worth analysis
  • Portfolio restructuring
  • Goal plan
  • Investment advice
  • Tax saving plan
  • Insurance analysis

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How financial planning has helped our clients?

Feedback from some of our customers

63% Saved overall time for managing investments

70% Are able to manage surprises and avoid stress

54% Better planning of family finances

48% Are more focused towards their Goals in life

*Feedback from 300 customers who tool financial planning between March 2015- July 2015

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What is a Financial Planning?

Each of us has unlimited dreams and Goals in life. On the other side, everybody of us has limited financial savings and income. Further, the internet is full of information, which is generalized and not specific for our personal needs. Thus, most of us end up investing in those products, which are either waste for us or don’t help us in fulfilling our long-term goals. We either invest in insurance for our long term goals, when it is a product only for covering risk or buy shares for short-term returns when it can be a great investment for long term goals.

This has created a lot of financial stress in our lives. Further due to confusions, we end up making investments, which might put us in uncomfortable situations.

Below are some of the financial queries, each of us usually has-

  1. What is the money I require to meet my goals?
  2. Will my income and savings meet all my goals?
  3. How will I fund my retirement?
  4. How much risk should I take?
  5. Where should I invest to reach my goals in comfortable manner
  6. What is the right combination of investments I should hold
  7. What is right Insurance cover or medical insurance I should have?

The process of understanding 360-degree need of the individual and documenting a solution with the analysis is financial planning. It details out risk profile analysis, right asset allocation, emergency plan, insurance analysis etc. of an individual. For details read here