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By Binjal Shah

Perhaps the most underrated business-client relationship is that of a grocer and his regular local customers. How simply and organically a modestly educated shopkeeper strikes up conversations, stays receptive and attentive and wins trust, in order to identify the needs of each of his customer to fulfill them day after day, is a valuable study in client retention extended over entire lifetimes.

Coming from a family of grocery merchants himself, 37-year-old Sameer Agarwal studied complex courses in finance and business management – namely Chartered Accountancy and MBA at IIM-Kozhikode – but never forgot this cardinal principal at the heart of a trustworthy business. “I always have been fascinated by the upsell and cross-sell approach of a traditional grocer,” he says. Heading a substantial part of SME Cross Sell business at Bajaj Finance only augmented his skillset to strategise and execute sales processes.

For his co-founder, 33-year-old Abhimanyu Sofat, the thought that a value of a rupee today is higher than a rupee after five years always acted as food for thought for his financial discipline. For both the finance-aficionados, the idea of building an individual’s financial capability to achieve his or her dreams was the biggest value creation one could offer.

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